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Leifeld Metal Spinning AG

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Leifeld Metal Spinning is a global player in the development and manufacturing of machine tools for chipless metal forming. With the technologies spinning, flow forming, necking-in and profiling. Leifeld defines worldwide new standards. From special customer oriented solutions to complete projects Leifeld offers everything under one roof. Currently, more than 6,000 installations worldwide show their high technical expertise and innovative solutions.


Today, Leifeld offers a wide range of machine tools on which many products can be manufactured, for instance: Reflectors, ventilator parts, cooking pots, separator parts, tank bottoms, v-belt pulleys, poly-v and gear belt pulley, teethed lamellae support, high pressure gas bottles, airbag housings, steel wheels for cars and commercial vehicles, light alloy wheels for cars and trucks.

Wheel Spinning Center - WSC 700/6

Wheel Spinning Center - WSC 700/6

The WSC series has been designed and developed for producing wheels for passenger cars and trucks. Metal spinning and flow forming are used to shape appropriate rim contours of wheels made of aluminium, steel, and other high-strength alloys. The Wheel Spinning Center operates swiftly and saves resources. In addition, the machines feature unprecedented production flexibility, low set-up times, and very low processing times.

Spinning Center SC 310

Spinning Center SC 310

Leifeld combines for the new 300 series the wellproven machine and control concept with free configurable and programmable additional units. With this advanced development, Leifeld has established new standards for efficient spinning technology with a rapidly changing product portfolio and small production batches. Manual set up is reduced to a minimum. This applies to all selectable additional units, the trimming blade, the blank support unit and the centering device.


Leifeld Metal Spinning AG
Feldstr. 2-20
59229 Ahlen

Telefon: +49 2382 96607-0

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